Tuesday, March 25, 2014

This is What Love Looks Like

Jerry and I have been driving our Toyota Avalon for a few years.  While it is still a great car, the mileage is adding up . . . so when we had opportunity to purchase a "new-to-us" Impala recently, we made the unplanned plunge.

Our Avalon had a story of its own when we bought it.   My mother's cousin and her husband were selling it because he wanted to purchase a new vehicle for his wife.  Donnie knew that he did not have a long-life prognosis if the doctors were correct (and they were), and he wanted to handle the purchase of a new vehicle for Jane.  They were such an inspiration to Jerry and me when we test drove the car -- Donnie wanted to leave his wife in good shape with no worries for many years.  And he did - this is what love looks like.
(Jerry with our Avalon during a recent vacation trip)
My parent's neighbor contacted us to see if we were interested in her vehicle.  She remembered we teased with her and her husband in 2008 to "keep us in mind" when they got ready to sell their new white Chevy.  Joe had declining health in the years between, and he ended up in a nursing home facility when his care became too much for Faye to handle at home.   Before that sad day (and 'till his death), they were always so attentive to each other.  Joe was blind, and Faye is legally blind - but that never stopped either of them from always looking for ways to show their love to each other.
On one of Joe's birthdays, Faye had some extra emblems added to their Chevy -- Joe loved to "look" at a vehicle by touch,  and these emblems gave him more things to feel.   This is what love looks like.

When Mr. Joe moved to the nursing home, Faye found a way to visit him most every day....neighbors, church family, relatives, friends -- she always found a ride to get there and back.  Mr. Joe had a fun wit, and they were always so cute together.  When it drew near to their anniversary date, Joe and his rehab nurse made a plan for a gift.  He drew a bouquet of flowers on paper and signed his name.  He could hardly wait for Faye's next visit to give it to her.  It was his last gift.  She had it beautifully framed, and it hangs in a place of honor in their home.  This is what love looks like.
(Joe's picture is framed behind me and Mrs. Faye)
Jerry and I were pleased, but not surprised, that Faye remembered her promise to let us have a chance at her car - Joe and Faye always kept their word.  It truthfully is like a new vehicle and it drives wonderfully - garage kept, impeccable service record, low mileage.  Of course Jerry bought it for me.
This is what love looks like :)

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  1. So, so sweet!! A legacy of love that we would all be blessed to carry on ��